Just How Permanent Are Dental Implants?

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Just How Permanent Are Dental Implants?

7 March 2017
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If you see someone with a beautiful smile that you know has had a large amount of dental work done, you likely desire to know what their secret is. You can't tell if someone has dental implants unless you see an x-ray of their teeth, and they are just as difficult to remove as naturally growing teeth. If you believe that you want a dental implantation procedure done, you have to know what the term "permanent tooth replacement" actually means.

The Permanency Of Various Tooth Replacement Options

A lost tooth doesn't mean that your dreams of having a perfect smile will be discarded. You may have a tooth that has been weakened due to trauma for quite some time, and when it has to be replaced, your dentist will tell you upfront how you can have it permanently replaced. A bridge can be placed where your missing tooth once was, or a partial set of dentures can be molded so that your mouth has the appropriate number of permanent teeth present.

Dental implants are the longest-lasting solution available for those needing to have any number of their missing, unhealthy, or cracked teeth substituted. Dentures can last only a few years or many, but they can also be lost, as it is recommended that you take them out at night. Bridges also have a somewhat short lifespan, as well as regular maintenance by a dentist. Although dental implants are estimated to last around 10 years, they have also been shown to last much longer.

What Does Permanent Tooth Replacement Mean To You?

Natural teeth should be brushed and flossed daily, and they also need to be cleaned and examined by a dentist twice per year. Even when you are using them, you probably don't really think too much about your teeth and how much longer they are going to last. For a lot of people, permanent tooth replacement entails getting their teeth replaced and then, by and large, going about their daily lives.

This is why there are many that won't even consider denture,s as they would have to look at them after waking up and prior to heading to bed. Bridges can be felt if you run your tongue across them, and they can also get food trapped in their crevices. Once a dental implant is installed, you yourself wouldn't really know that they were replacement teeth if you hadn't undergone the procedure first hand.

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