Ditching Dentures For Implants-Reasons To Think About This Upgrade

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Ditching Dentures For Implants-Reasons To Think About This Upgrade

13 March 2017
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If you are a current denture user, you are most likely pleased with having the capability to hide portions within your mouth where teeth are not present or up to par aesthetically. If you wish to enhance your appearance without the downfalls of dentures, you may want to consider talking to your dentist about the restorative procedure in having implants placed in your mouth. This surgical process has several benefits that users feel trump dentures by far. Here are some of the reasons why an implant procedure is desirable to many who need restorative dentistry.

No Need To Worry About Accidents

When you have implants placed, you have the benefit in being able to talk and eat without worry of your teeth slipping from their location in front of others. This is a major concern many with dentures have. If the adhesive is not secure enough, dentures can become dislodged from the gums, leading to embarrassing situations as a result.

Small metal rods will be fused into the bone structure of the mandible area when you have an implant surgery. These rods protrude from the gums in the locations where teeth are missing. Porcelain teeth will be adhered directly to the rods with cement. There is no worry about teeth coming out of the mouth at inopportune times when you have implants in place.

No More Restrictions On What You Can Eat

One of the biggest points those who wear dentures have to deal with is the restraint from eating particular foods. Hard or chewy edibles can cause damage to dentures, as well as increase the likelihood of them slipping out of place during a meal. Because of this, denture wearers often give up some of their favorite foods after they have their restorative teeth put in place. With implants, you have no restrictions on what you wish to eat. The implants are constructed to mimic real teeth, making it easy to bite into a piece of steak or caramel candy. 

Pain And Discomfort Is A Thing Of The Past

When you have implants placed, you will have some initial pain from the surgical procedure. This however will subside rather quickly. After you get through the surgical pain, you will no longer need to deal with additional pain or discomfort in your mouth or along your gums. Many find that denture wearing will lead to inflamed gums, especially after several hours of wearing them. This necessitates a break from wearing the dentures.

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