Why A Perfect Fit Is Important With Dental Crowns

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Why A Perfect Fit Is Important With Dental Crowns

13 October 2016
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If you have a tooth that has a lot of decay on it, your dentist may recommend treating the decay with a dental crown. Dental crowns are commonly used to save teeth that are full of decay, and they tend to last a very long time for most people. The key to a long-lasting crown is making sure it fits perfectly when you get it. Here are several things you should understand about the way your new crown fits inside your mouth.

It Will Be Custom Made

To get a dental crown, your dentist will have to remove the decay from your tooth and prepare the tooth for a crown. Next, the dentist will either take impressions to use to make the crown or will use digital pictures and technology to make the crown. In either case, the crown will be custom made to fit your tooth. Because of this, the crown should fit perfectly when you get it; however, there are times when adjustments need to be made.

You should also know that after the dentist makes the impressions or takes pictures of your tooth, he or she will place a temporary crown on your tooth to keep the tooth exactly the same while your crown is being made. While some dentists offer same-day crowns, most have to wait for the crowns to be made elsewhere, which can take up to a few weeks.

How Adjustments Are Made

When your crown is ready to be placed on your tooth, the dentist will remove the temporary crown and will place the permanent one on your tooth. The dentist will want to do this without numbing your mouth so that you can feel how the crown fits inside your mouth. Once the crown is placed over your tooth, the dentist will ask you to move your teeth and jaw around to see how it feels.

The dentist may also use a product called articulating paper to test your bite. This type of paper is placed between your upper and lower teeth. You must then move your jaw back and forth over the paper. The paper will reveal if your teeth are rubbing together too much by leaving markings on your teeth. If there are markings left after doing this, the dentist may want to adjust the crown slightly before cementing it in place.

Why You Should Make Sure It Fits Perfectly

Making sure a crown fits perfectly on your tooth is vital if you want the tooth to feel natural and last a long time, and this is why your dentist will ask you a lot of questions before feeling satisfied with the way the crown fits on your tooth.

When a crown does not fit right, it can lead to pain and sensitivity, especially if the tooth did not have a root canal before having the crown placed on it. If your crown rubs against other teeth in your mouth, it can wear down the teeth it rubs against, which can leave you feeling like your tooth is always sore. In addition, if the crown doesn't fit quite right, it might be more prone to chipping or breaking if you bite on something hard or chewy. There is also a chance the crown could come loose and even fall off if it doesn't fit right.

It is important to know these things before you get your crown so that you can make sure you really take notice of how the crown fits when the dentist places it on your tooth. If you need a dental crown, schedule your appointment today so that you can save your tooth.