4 Christmas Traditions That Benefit from Your Having Clear Braces Over Metal Ones

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4 Christmas Traditions That Benefit from Your Having Clear Braces Over Metal Ones

17 October 2016
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Celebrating the holidays each year is often about honoring old family traditions and celebrating new ones with your family. Making a major change to a body part like your mouth can dramatically change the way you celebrate holidays like Christmas. If you to take part of multiple Christmas traditions without any major changes or sacrifices, then you have the option of choosing clear braces over metal ones. A clear brace option like Invisalign can help you take part in the festivities without any hindrances. Browse through four different Christmas traditions to see how clear braces can offer an advantage and allow you to truly enjoy the holiday season without any extra pains or sacrifices.

Holiday Photo Cards

One of the main reasons that people choose clear braces over metal ones is for cosmetic reasons. Your smile will stand out with braces and during the holiday season this can have a huge impact any type of holiday photo card you have printed and made. When wearing clear braces, they are really hard to notice in-person or in any family holiday photos that are taken. Using clear braces gives you the ability to show off your natural smile and proudly send the card to various family and friends. In future years, you can look back on the holiday cards and see your natural smile in all of them without having to see the metal braces that were in your mouth.

Christmas Caroling

When metal braces are installed, you may find that your voice goes through changes and adjustments. This can include a lisp or slight slur in your speech. As this occurs, it may impact your ability to participate in traditional Christmas caroling with family and friends. You may feel self-conscious about your voice changes and skip out on the tradition. Clear braces are much thinner than metal ones, and your voice will not change as much with them. It's a lot easier to get used to the clear braces and get back to your natural singing voice. Not only does this help for caroling, but it helps for any type of church choir or school Christmas performance.

Kissing Under the Mistletoe

Another fun tradition during the holiday season is kissing a loved one underneath the mistletoe. For people with metal braces, it may be awkward and uncomfortable to kiss while wearing braces. Getting used to the bulky braces could make it awkward as you go under the mistletoe and connect. With clear braces, you can kiss naturally under the mistletoe, even when the braces are still on. Your loved one will not notice the difference, as the kiss will feel natural and the tradition will live on.

Christmas Treats

When you get metal braces, there are a lot of food restrictions that can limit your holiday traditions. Hard and crunchy candies can easily damage metal braces. This means that while you are wearing metal braces, you cannot enjoy holiday treats like candy canes, peanut brittle, or holiday ribbon candy. Along with those treats, you may also be limited at a Christmas dinner. Food restrictions may not allow you to have hard rolls, corn on the cob, or raw vegetables like carrots. This can make a huge difference at the Christmas meal that you love to enjoy each year. Choosing clear braces completely changes your ability to eat foods. While eating or drinking, the clear braces can be removed from your mouth and set aside. This allows you to enjoy all of the Christmas treats and foods that you love. You do not have to change your Christmas traditions because of the adjustments that are being made to your mouth.

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