The Do's and Don'ts of Adult Beverages for Brand-New Denture Wearers

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The Do's and Don'ts of Adult Beverages for Brand-New Denture Wearers

18 October 2016
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If you've recently been fitted with new dentures, you probably appreciate the enhanced appearance that a good set of dentures provides. In fact, you're probably looking forward to enjoying the holiday social season without having to worry about the appearance of your smile. You probably already know that red wine will stain your dentures, but you may have questions about other types of adult beverages. The following are are do's and don'ts designed to answer your concerns. 

Don't Fail to Use Caution If You Drink Hot Toddies 

New denture wearers may have difficulty sensing heat levels in food and beverage items, so it's best to avoid seasonal hot toddies until you've become adequately acclimated to using your new teeth. Another problem with hot toddies is that they are often thick, sugary drinks, such as hot, buttered rums and Tom and Jerry's—both of which are made with butter and cream as well as large amounts of sugar. After you feel you've gotten used to your dentures and want to try a hot drink, go for a classic whiskey toddy, which is a mixture of water, whiskey, and perhaps a touch of honey and a squeeze of lemon. Testing the temperature on the back of your wrist is a good way to tell whether the drink is too hot. 

Adult coffee drinks should also be avoided for reasons listed above and because coffee is a primary culprit for stained dentures.

However, good news exists for those who love to celebrate with drinks such as Spanish coffee or hot buttered rum; sipping these particular drinks through a straw completely bypasses the dentures altogether. Nonetheless, you still must take caution concerning temperature here because your throat tissues can still be burned if the the beverage is too hot. Some people also find that hot toddies made with butter or cream are too thick to be enjoyed through a straw.

Do Stick with Classic Cocktails

With the exception of concoctions such as whiskey or scotch on the rocks, classic cocktails are meant to be slowly sipped through a straw, meaning that they won't come into contact with your dentures. Classic cocktails are crafted from a combination of liquor, mixer, and ice. Mixtures involve water, soda, tonic, and juice. Typical alcohols used are vodka, gin, rum, whisky, and tequila. Unlike hot toddies, you don't have to worry about not being able to sense the temperature when drinking classic cocktails. 

If you're not crazy about using a straw to drink your cocktail, stick with those crafted with water or tonic rather than ones made with sodas or juice. Also, garnishes such as celery sticks that are commonly used in certain classic cocktails such as the bloody Mary have cleaning properties that work on dentures as well as teeth. 

Do Be Open to Exploring White and Rose Wine Options 

Red-wine lovers frequently believe their wine-drinking days are over when the time comes for them to be fitted for dentures. White wine often doesn't have the complexity of flavor and rich notes that they love. However, white wines aren't all sweetness and light; many red wine aficionados fall hard after their first glass of Gewürztraminer. This white wine possesses an aromatic flavor profile that many find intoxicating. Also, don't discount the many good rose wines on the market that provide the more robust flavor red-wine lovers are seeking. Unlike with classic cocktails, sipping wine through a straw isn't commonly done, but there's really no reason you can't adopt this strategy if you're really craving a good glass of red wine.

Do Continue to Enjoy Life 

It's not the end of the world if your dentures get a little stained due to enjoyment of adult beverages. With proper care, your dentures can remain attractive even if you do enjoy certain foods and beverages now and then. 

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