2 Tips To Alleviate Dental Pain Before Descending During A Dive

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2 Tips To Alleviate Dental Pain Before Descending During A Dive

7 April 2017
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Participating in diving is all about seeing how far down you can go. This happens because some of the best views can be found far from the surface of the ocean.  If you have any kind of dental pain, then descending during a dive can aggravate this pain. This goes for anything from an abscessed tooth to a simple cavity. Therefore, it is often recommended to a handle on any dental pain or issues before you go scuba diving. However, if you are unable to do so, then the next best thing is to alleviate this dental pain until you can see a dentist. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can use to do this.

Use an Analgesic Oral Wash Throughout the Day

If the pain you are feeling is caused by a cavity or abscess, then there is already so much damage to the tooth that it is difficult to treat it without a dentist. This does not mean that you should forgo future dental care. Instead, consider adding an analgesic herb to your oral mouthwash or creating your own analgesic mouthwash. A few examples of analgesic herbs that are great for dental care include cloves, lavender and chamomile. To add the herb to your mouth wash, you can steep the fresh herb in hot water for several hours. Add the herbal mixture to your mouthwash container or use it on its own. Perform this several times throughout the day.

Use a Cold Pack Immediately Before the Dive

A cold pack can be used to curb pain and inflammation almost immediately. The cold temperature reduces the flow of blood to the damaged tooth. This method can be used immediately after a dive but is not as long lasting as an analgesic rinse. Simply hold the cold pack against your affected tooth for several minutes. Do not remove the pack once your tooth feels numb. Instead, hold it there for several minutes. This will ensure that any pain remains dormant for as long as possible. You will need to reapply the ice pack throughout the day as the pain reappears. You can make your own ice pack from ice cubes and a plastic bag or you can purchase a ready to use one from the store.

Having to deal with dental pain before dive can complicate your plans. Therefore, use these tips to make everything as easy as possible. Contact a dentist, like Leidenheimer Dental Group Inc, for more help.