2 Ways To Help Your Child With Their Fear Of The Dentist

Do you make sure to visit your dentist at least twice a year to check on your oral health? Learn why dental visits are so important.

2 Ways To Help Your Child With Their Fear Of The Dentist

23 May 2017
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Even if your child hasn't been afraid of the dentist before they may still end up with a fear of going to the dentist. There are a lot of reasons why this could happen. One is that kids talk to each other and it can be really easy for one child to scare another child about going to the dentist. Then that scared feeling can start working on your kid's mind, making them feel even more afraid. Another reason that this could happen is if something happened at the dentist's office which could easily be frightening to a young child and which could make it harder for that child to want to go back to the dentist when it's time. However, there are ways that you can help with that fear. 

Role Playing

One thing that you can do is to role play going to the dentist with your child. First, you can pretend to be the dentist and talk to your child about what happens at the dentist's office. You can do things like ask them to open their mouth so that you can look at their teeth. Then, you can let your child pretend to be the dentist. That will let them feel like they are in control of the situation. Your child may be able to tell you what scares them at that point too, which will allow you to talk them through it. 

Schedule First Appointments

When your child has to go see the dentist, try to schedule the appointment for first thing in the morning. If your child has the first appointment, they don't have to sit out in the waiting room and let their fear and worry grow. Sometimes, no matter the dentist's best efforts, they get behind, and the later appointments mean that people will have to wait. If your child has the first or second appointment, then there is less risk for the dentist accidentally running behind schedule. An early appointment also doesn't allow your child to see other kids who may work them up with fear of going to the dentist. 

Getting your child to the dentist twice a year can go a long way to guaranteeing that they have good oral habits for the rest of their life. But, when your child is frightened of going to the dentist, then it can be really hard for them to go. There are things you can do that will help your child.