White And Bright: Make Over Your Smile

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White And Bright: Make Over Your Smile

17 January 2018
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A chance meeting with an old acquaintance might make you begin to wonder about your own appearance, particularly if the old friend is sporting a bright and beautiful smile. Everyone's teeth darken with age, and you have to admit that people just look younger with white teeth. Nowadays, you don't have to be well off or a celebrity to get a brighter smile, so read on to find out more.

Two Choices in Whitening

You generally have two ways to go about getting a whiter smile: either at home or through professional whitening.

At Home: There are numerous whitening toothpastes on the market that promise to bring your smile up several shades lighter, but the results are very gradual and not very dramatic. For a greater level of whitening, you might consider trays, which come with a bleaching solution. The tray stays in your mouth for several minutes every day for several weeks. You can also find whitening pens that "paint" your teeth whiter and strips that are applied and worn for a few minutes a day.

Professional: If you have a upcoming event and just want whiter teeth now, there is nothing to compare to a professional whitening. The major difference in home and professional whitening is the strength of the bleaching agent used and the use of special lights to promote faster action. Some dentists even use a laser to promote the bleaching action.

How It's Done: A professional cleaning is usually in order before beginning, since clean teeth are necessary for the solution to adhere well enough to work. Then:

1. The teeth are buffed dry and all cleaning residue is removed. Your dentist will match your current shade level with a sample for comparison later.

2. Since it's a very strong bleach concentration, your gums will need to be protected. The dentist will either insert a dental dam or coat your surrounding gums with a protective, gel-like substance. This gel will harden under a special light, and it can easily be peeled away once the procedure is done.

3. Get comfortable, since you will be sitting and waiting for the bleach to work. To ensure your comfort, your dentist might use some gauze to keep your mouth from tiring, or cheek retractors. To protect your eyes, you will be provided with some glasses. The lights and the lasers will be very bright.

4. The time for sitting with the bleaching agent on your teeth can vary. If you need or desire several levels of brightness in one session, it might be a long one. This can also be accomplished in a series of sessions. The bleaching agent is applied to your teeth and goes on like a gel, and there it must stay for a period of time.

5. Once done, you can lose the bleaching agent, the protective gel, the gauze, and the retractors, and you will be able to rinse your mouth out.

See the Results: There's nothing quite like seeing the before and after comparison of your teeth. You can now enjoy a nicer, brighter smile. Contact a dental office such as Crest Hill Family Dental to learn how to get your own bright smile faster than you could have imagined.