Methods Dentists Use To Find Decay On Teeth

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Methods Dentists Use To Find Decay On Teeth

4 June 2018
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Every other time you visit the dentist, he or she will take x-rays of your teeth. While this is one of the best methods dentists use to spot decay on teeth, it is not the only method. In fact, there are several other great methods dentists use for this purpose, and here are some of them.

Dental tools

When you first sit down in the dental chair, the dentist will come in and take a look at your mouth. As the dentist looks at your teeth, he or she will have a small probe. A probe is a dental tool that has a sharp, pointy edge on it. The dentist will push this probe into your teeth to look for signs of cavities. One of the first signs of a cavity forming is a sticky spot on a tooth. This sticky spot occurs long before the dentist can even see the decay, and sticky spots generally always turn into cavities.


Some dentists also use dye to locate decay on teeth. This is a special type of dye the dentist can rinse over your teeth. After doing this, the dentist will look closely in your mouth to see if any of your teeth have the colored dye on them. If they do, it means that you might have cavities there. This special dye sticks only to decay and not to healthy teeth, and using this makes it easier for dentists to find cavities.


Most dentists will only take x-rays once each year, but they will use the other methods twice each year. X-rays are helpful for spotting decay on teeth in areas the dentist cannot see well. X-rays are also helpful for finding problems inside teeth or in the roots of teeth. Dentists use x-rays for many different reasons, and they are a vital part of a regular dental visit. 


There are also dentists who now use lasers to spot decay. The lasers used for this purpose are able to spot the smallest signs of decay, and this is a great way to locate very small cavities before they expand and develop into large cavities.

These are all methods your dentist might use to find decay, and dentists like to use a variety of methods so that they can spot decay as soon as it first begins forming on teeth. To schedule a cleaning with a dentist, reach out to a clinic in your area today, such as Family Dentistry Of Woodstock.