Considering Veneers? Questions You Might Have

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Considering Veneers? Questions You Might Have

4 January 2022
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If you want to reinvigorate your smile, veneers are one way to do it. They are caps that are placed on top of your natural teeth to help them look brand new, straight, and white. You can put veneers on all your teeth or on just a few that you are not happy with. If you are considering veneers, you may want to consider the following before you make your final decision:

How Long Do Veneers Last?

All veneers have a certain amount of time they will last. Fortunately, they can last for over a decade if you take care of them properly. You may need to have them replaced eventually, which is not a difficult process. The old veneers can be easily taken off the natural teeth before new ones are placed. The process to replace veneers is easier because the natural teeth are already prepped and ready for the new ones.

Are Veneers as Strong as Natural Teeth?

Veneers are just as strong as natural teeth, possibly even stronger. If your reason for needing veneers is due to you grinding your teeth or your teeth breaking easily, they are a good option. One thing to keep in mind is that veneers are not fully indestructible. You have to be careful particularly when you play sports or do other high-impact activities.

Do You Brush Veneers Like Natural Teeth?

Yes, you must brush your veneers just like you would normally brush your teeth. They are only on the front portion of your natural teeth. The natural teeth are still exposed behind the veneers and can decay if you do not brush them. You also should floss them. Brushing and flossing will exponentially lengthen the life of your veneers.

Does Getting Veneers Hurt?

When you get veneers placed, the dentist will be sure you are fully numb before the procedure begins. The natural teeth will be sanded down to make room for the veneers. After the procedure is over and the anesthetic wears off, you might have some slight discomfort. You can take some over-the-counter pain medication to deal with the pain. Your dentist might provide you with a prescription for pain medication if you think you need it.

Veneers are a great way to bring your teeth back to life. If you have any questions about the process, you can schedule a consultation with your dentist to find out more about the process.