How Dental Implants Can Protect Your Other Teeth And Your Body

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How Dental Implants Can Protect Your Other Teeth And Your Body

23 August 2022
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Do you have one or more gaps in your teeth? Do you have one or more teeth that are decayed or broken and likely need to just come out completely at this point? If you are not looking forward to life after getting some of your natural teeth pulled, there is an option that might help you out, and that's contacting a local dental implant service. In fact, dental implants can do a lot more than just restoring your smile, including providing protection for your remaining natural teeth and maybe even your body as a whole. Here's why you might want to look into getting dental implants in the near future.

Stop Further Damage to Your Remaining Natural Teeth By Spreading the Workload Out Again

When you start losing some of your natural teeth, the remaining teeth have to do more and more work when it's time to eat your next meal. You might start favoring chewing on just one side of your mouth, for example, and those teeth will wear down faster than they otherwise would. Filing in any gaps in your teeth with implants will stop this from happening. 

Also consider that when you have a gap in your teeth, the remaining teeth may start naturally moving towards the gap over time. This can create more of an opening for a cavity to develop on the remaining natural teeth, but putting an implant in place will stop this shifting from happening, helping to keep cavities at bay.

Maintain Your Jaw Line or Facial Structure

If you've lost more than one tooth or you've lost multiple teeth in one area or side of your mouth, you might slowly start to notice your jaw line getting weaker or your facial structure slightly changing over time. Because you no longer have teeth in that spot, your body may re-route any calcium it was sending to that part of your jawline or facial bones to other areas of your body because you technically don't need it anymore. Putting implants back in your mouth and fusing them into your jawline will prevent this problem from happening.

Ensure You Can Chew Down on the Right Kind of Nutrition for Your Body

One long-term side effect of struggling through life without a full set of teeth is that you might stay away from certain types of foods if you think they are harder to chew. Depending on which foods you are now opting for instead, your diet and ability to make healthy choices might be worse than it was before. Dental implants can restore your mouth and will allow you to chew anything you like with confidence.

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