Importance of Semi-Annual Visits to Your Dentist’s Office

Do you make sure to visit your dentist at least twice a year to check on your oral health? Learn why dental visits are so important.

Tooth Trauma And Internal Bleaching: What You Need To Know

17 February 2016
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Tooth trauma may not always cause immediate problems, but a strong enough impact can eventually cause the affected tooth to die and change color. This type of trauma is common in sports players, but many other types of accidental impact can lead to the same problem. Find out why damaged teeth change color, and learn what to expect if you decide to undergo internal tooth bleaching. How trauma can make your teeth change color Read More …

How To Tell If You Should Be Present During Your Child’s Dental Examination

28 November 2015
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Historically, parents have been discouraged from accompanying their children into the exam room during dental visits. However, recently 38% of dentists say that parental desire to be present during their children's examination has increased, and 61% of parents have been present during emergency dental examinations of young patients. There are several benefits to you being present at your child's examination, including helping your child to relax and cooperate and advocating for their interests throughout the procedure. Read More …

Osteopenia: Protect Your Jaw Bones Before Dental Implant Surgery

16 November 2015
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If you want to replace your missing teeth with dental implants but recently discover that you have osteopenia, you may wonder if your condition will affect the stability of the implants. Osteopenia develops when your bones lose density and strength. The condition can place your dental implants at risk for failure if you don't have enough bone tissue to support them. Here's what you should know about osteopenia and what you can do to strengthen your jaw bone. Read More …

Intrinsic And Extrinsic Dental Stains: The Difference Between These Two Common Issues

6 November 2015
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Are you constantly on the quest to achieve a beautiful, white smile, but can't seem to get rid of those unsightly stains on your teeth? Before you swear off coffee and invest in a pricey new toothbrush, it's important to know that although many stains are caused by food, beverages and tobacco, there are additional causes of stains, and these stains can be more difficult to treat. There are two types of tooth stains, extrinsic and intrinsic, and understanding which type you have will help you achieve the white smile you've always wanted: Read More …

Does Your Child Need A Root Canal? 3 Things Parents Should Know

3 November 2015
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It can come as a surprise when your child's dentist recommends that you make an appointment for your child to see an endodontist. Endodontists handle root canal procedures, and normally you wouldn't expect a child to need a root canal procedure. But sometimes children do have tooth problems that require treatment at the root. Take a look at a few things that you should know about your child's tooth and root treatments. Read More …