Importance of Semi-Annual Visits to Your Dentist’s Office

Do you make sure to visit your dentist at least twice a year to check on your oral health? Learn why dental visits are so important.

Are Dental Veneers Permanent?

27 September 2018
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There are many things that can get in your way when you want to achieve a beautiful smile. These include Heavy staining Chipped teeth Cracked teeth Malformed teeth However, conventional solutions can only do so much. There are times when it is not possible to undo heavy teeth stains, even when working with experts. Luckily, there is another solution to this problem: cosmetic veneer procedures. Read More …

3 Tips For Finding The Ideal Family Dentist

26 August 2018
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The key to having healthy teeth that will stand the test of time is by visiting the dentist. This may not be the funniest thing to do on your list but is crucial for good dental health. If you have a large family, it may be in your best interest to rely on the expertise of a family dentist. Doing this may allow for many of your dental issues to be addressed when it comes to various family members. Read More …

How To Tell If You’re Really Getting Your Teeth Clean

30 July 2018
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Most people have heard it before—you go to a dentist's office for a cleaning and are told that your teeth or gums could be in better shape. It can be really frustrating to hear this if you're already brushing and flossing regularly, but the reality is many people who follow a good pattern of dental hygiene habits still miss some spots. If you don't want to hear that your teeth could use a boost the next time you head to the dentist, try this easy tip. Read More …

Choosing The Right Type Of Invisible Braces For You

2 July 2018
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Once upon a time, the biggest cosmetic choice you had to make when getting braces was what color to pick for the bands on your braces' brackets. These days, however, there are plenty of choices that go beyond traditional metal braces. If you're interested in invisible braces but don't know much about them, here's what you need to know about the three major types of "invisible" braces. Invisible Aligners Invisible aligners are the thin, clear plastic braces that can readily be put on and removed. Read More …

Methods Dentists Use To Find Decay On Teeth

4 June 2018
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Every other time you visit the dentist, he or she will take x-rays of your teeth. While this is one of the best methods dentists use to spot decay on teeth, it is not the only method. In fact, there are several other great methods dentists use for this purpose, and here are some of them. Dental tools When you first sit down in the dental chair, the dentist will come in and take a look at your mouth. Read More …